Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are available beginning on Black Friday! We will have trees from 6' to 10', but be sure to shop early as supplies are limited this year. Prices begin at $59.95. Landon's will be open every Friday & Saturday through Christmas from 9-3, and on Sunday November 26th & December 3rd from 11-3.

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Asparagus Roots, Planting
Backyard Gardening:  Companion Planting
Backyard Gardening:  Fruit Trees and Small Fruits
Backyard Gardening:  Germ & Planting Times
Backyard Gardening:  Planning the Vegetable Garden
Backyard Gardening:  Vegetable Spacing & Timing
Bare Root Planting Directions
Bare Root Rose Planting
Basic Landscape Design
Blossom Types
Bulb Basics
Butterfly Attracting Plants 
Christmas Tree –Cut Tree Care
Christmas Tree – Live Tree Care
Companion Plants
Companion Planting: Quick Rules
Companion Planting: Pest Control with Herbs & Flowers
Companion Planting: Cool & Warm Seasonal Vegetables
Container Design Tips
Container Garden Plant Descrps:  Thrillers, Fillers, Spillers
Cookie Recipes from Open House Events, see below
Deer Resistant Plants List
Deer – Plants less Preferred
Drought Tips
Drought Tolerant Perennials
Fragrant Plants
Garden Planting Dates
Garlic Planting
Herbs and the foods they go with
Herb recipes from Kathy Landon
Herbs:  What's In Courtney's Kitchen
Houseplant Light Requirements
Onion Planting
Perennials, When to Cut Back
Photos from Workshops, see below
Planting Directions Trees & Shrubs
Planting Directions for B&B pg 1 
Planting Directions for B&B pg 2
Potato Planting
Powdery Mildew Organic Remedies
Raspberry Planting and Care
Shrub Heights
Small Fruits
Tomato Varieties & Info
Tomatoes, What are you looking for?
Water Plants
Wild & Medicinal Plants (Courtney Kaplan Workshop)
Wyoming Native Trees
Open House Cookie Recipes:
Cookie Recipe, Chocolate/Butterscotch Chip
Cookie Recipe, Chocolate Mint Wafers
Cookie Recipe, Chocolate Pinwheels
Cookie Recipe, Fudge
Cookie Recipe, Molasses Crinkles
Cookie Recipe, Pecan Tassies
Cookie Recipe, Squirrel Bars

Planting in Pots
Raspberry Beds
Vertical / Raised Bed Garden under const. (Raspberry Bed in background)
Square Foot garden, under construction,(in background)
Square Foot garden in August
Strawberry beds with hoops & netting
Strawberry beds with hoops & netting 2
Tomato on Vertical supports
Tomato on Vertical supports 2
Vertical / Raised Bed Garden Under Construction
Vertical / Raised Bed Garden in August

Presentation Notes
Notes from Eat your Very Own Veggies

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