Pre-Order Sale is going on NOW!
Landon's Pre Order sale is going on now.  AND this year you can shop online!  Simply click the "Shop" button at the top of the home page and start shopping.  Now don't worry, the paper copies are still coming out by mail, you should see them this weekend. Keith and Chelsea have some wonderful products available this year, so take a look, you don't want to miss the chance to get things at a discount price.  If you have any questions at all they are available at the store 7 days a week.  Stop in and see them, or give them a call at 307 672-8340.
If you'd prefer not to order online, but still want to peruse the form, click on the following links to print out the pages at home.
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We're back!!

Step out of the Winter blues and into Spring!

The greenhouse and store are bursting at the seams with beautiful things that will make your heart smile.  We know it's nasty outside right now, so come in and take a stroll through the welcoming houseplants and foliage.  Fill your senses with that Springy, earthy smell, and delight your eyes with Primrose, Orchids & African Violets (all of which are putting on quite a show right now!)  Take one home to brighten your desk or table, it'll make your home feel wonderful.

The new merchandise Jessica and Tiffany have brought in for you will blow your mind.  So many fun things to choose from, and colors galore!

Landon's gift cards, the perfect gift for the gardener in your life!

A Landon's gift card is sure to be the perfect gift for that special someone!  Gift Cards can be purchased by calling 672-8340, or by clicking the "Shop" button at the top of the page.  Gift Cards are mailed directly to the person ordering the card, NOT to the recipient as a security measure.

There is a $1 service charge, which includes postage and handling, for each gift card ordered by phone or online. 


Looking for the Perfect Gift??

A gift that keeps giving all year long!

  Look no further.  Landon's 4 Seasons of Color is sure to please even the choosiest of loved ones.  

4 Seasons of Color from Landon's offers the gift that keeps on giving.  In Spring the recipient will receive a Basket oh' Pansies to brighten their stoop.  Next, in Summer they will come into the store and choose one of Landon's gorgeous Hanging Baskets.  Fall will bring a patio pot full of wonderful "Fall Hardy" plants to enjoy.  And last but not least in Winter they will be able to decorate their front door with one of our fresh handmade wreaths.  Give us a call in the store to order this great gift.  $160 (+tax) will get you 4 coupons to wrap up and give to that special someone.


 Saturday Local Foods Market At Landon's!

Landon's Is Hosting A Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings From 10:00 To 12:00PM.  Rain Or Shine Our Vendors Will Be Ready With Some Delicious Home Grown Goodies. Come In And Meet The Farmer!  We Are So Excited To Support The Local Foods Movement.  At Our Weekly Local Foods Market You Can Visit With The People Who Are Growing And Preparing The Food! 

 We've Designed Our Market Around All LOCALLY Grown, Edible Foodstuffs.  
Local Vendors You Will See Each Week Are: 
Box Cross Road Farms - Tom Varcalli
Shiloh Valley Farm,
Hillside Spirit Farms
Rocking chair Farms, John Buyok
Lower Piney Heirloom Veggies / Bourgaults
EZ Rocking Ranch
Lohof Grass Finished Beef
Erin's Crock Cultured Veggies 
Lorean's Kitchen, home made baked Goods 
Wild wyoming Jelly
Powder River Coffee Roasters, Robert Evans
Grass King Cattle
Twisted Whiskey BBQ

give big with Landon's!

Monday - Saturday 9-5
Sunday 11-5


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